24 Feb Random recipe and other stuff……

Hey guys!! Another week just rollin on by, waaaaayy too fast for my liking, but hey…


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So if you catch up with me on Instagram you probably can’t help but to have noticed I’ve been in a slight create/craft/knit kind of frenzy of late.


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Anything and everything is on the go and I’ve even re-opened my Etsy shop in the hopes of offloading, sorry, sharing 😉 my little handmade-with-love goodies.


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Pop on over for a browse, there’s not a heck of alot of stock at the mo but I’ll keep plugging away and hopefully keep things ticking over. Oh and the weight conversion chart below is also available for sale (without frame) and you can email me for more details on that one (awhitestyleblog@gmail.com) !


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Like my geranium??!? It’s massive!! Can’t say these are my very favourite flower but they sure are reliable and hardy and that is always a good trait to have in one’s garden. And life really…..


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Another good thing to ALWAYS have in life is cake. Yep. I would’t be at all surprised if following the crafty phase the baking obsessed phase appears. I can feel it bubbling away under the surface soon to burst forth with loads more treats goodies and recipes!!


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Meanwhile, I had to whip up something to pop in the kids’ lunches and, as usual, found myself turning to the trusty few can-bake-with-my-eyes-shut recipes…..in this instance it was French Tea Cake. We still all love it here even after years and years of scoffing. Thought I’d give you gorgeous folk a super-quick shorthand type recipe for it today…yes?? No frills, just a scribble-on-the-back-of-an-envelope type deal…

French Tea Cake

Beat 1 egg white and a pinch of salt until white and foamy. Add 1/3 cup sugar,beat through. Add egg yolk and beat til combined. Stir through 1/2 cup milk and 1/2 teaspn vanilla. Fold in 1 cup sifted SR flour. Lastly throw in 1 tablspn melted butter and stir through. Pour mixture into greased and lined cake tin and toss into a 180 degree oven for approx 20 mins. Tip cake out onto cooling rack, spread with melted butter/margarine and sprinkle over a sugar/cinnamon mix. Eat whilst still warm with butter slathered all over it. You. Are. Very. Welcome. !!!


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Ok peeps…I’m off to grab some late lunch before school pickup is upon me. HOW does that come around so damn quick every day???!!??

Have a great day please. Oh and please let me know if you try out the cake. And maybe even save me a slice? Or two??

Stay Happy!!!


Janelle xx


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