18 Apr Playing catch-up…

Well HI there!!

Back at it…with a little catch up of sorts…basically just a few snaps of what we’ve been up to lately…

Such as this…




The fam’s been enjoying  getting out and about abit lately and this kind of setting seems to please the kids to no end! We are so lucky to have loads of great walks, mountains, just gorgeous scenery all round really, right on our backdoor step so we’ve set ourselves the challenge of discovering and conquering more of it.


Speaking of backdoors…this is literally our backyard…




It’s so easy to forget and just kind of ignore it all as we go about our day to day life but occasionally it just sort of slaps you in the face with how pretty it is. I seem to have a thing lately for dry dead branches and trees…so hence me thinking this is a  picture of great beauty!! 🙂

Oh. What’s that? Did someone mention KNITTING? CROCHET???




Why yes. Yes they did!!!

I’ve been in a slight knitting/crochet/craft frenzy for awhile now and this little chunky seat cover is one of my latest projects. I discovered this gorgeous enormous wool in Lincraft a few weeks ago and knew I had to try it out. I only bought a few balls thinking it could make a cute cushion cover or something but somehow it has ended up on this random chair that was sitting innocently in the hallway the day that I’d finished crocheting it  (seriously, it is SO chunky and knits up so quickly I think it took me all of 10 minutes to finish) and as I happened to be walking past something clicked, I looked at the chair, looked down at the crochet square, back up to the chair, squinted(in deep thought at this point), and thought they would make a really good looking couple together.




I love the little beanies sitting here on the chair too! I will be listing them in my etsy store (link on home page) asap. Though I’m getting very tempted to just keep them for myself as the mornings are getting crisper around here lately!





No brainer here. I’m itching to share some more recipes with you guys!! Will def be popping back here this week with something delicious to share…

And I’m so happy with these…




I’ve been wanting to actually print out (Who does that these days?? I NEVER seem to get around to printing any pics!!) some farmy/countrystyle/home type pics which I will choose a few to enlarge, frame and pop up on our walls!! Now just to decide which ones……

Ok…gotta run and pick those kiddos up from school.

Stay happy!! And stay tuned for a little recipe sharing soon too!!!


Janelle xx




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