09 Mar On the Farm……

Hey guys!! So how’s your hump day going??


IMG_2260 (2)


I’ve been walking and coffee-ing (not at the same time!) with a lovely friend, dealt with washing (uugghhh!!), started a new knitting project then started wondering if said knitting project was actually what I wanted to be knitting or should I in fact be knitting something different with this wool (yep. I know. You should try being INSIDE my head sometimes. Hard. Work.) theeennnn…felt like chatting with you guys so here I am!!


IMG_2240 (2)


Just a few farm pics today. Funny how when you live somewhere for long enough you just kind of stop seeing what beauty you actually do have living all around you every single freakin day!?! Right?!


IMG_2263 (2)


I’ve also got my photography (and yes. I do use that term lightly. I am by no means a professional nor trying to be but I do love a good snap) itch back and am feeling the need to learn a little more of this craft.


IMG_2238 (2)


Just look at that handsome face! Except he’s a she. So maybe we should be noting how pretty she is??  !?!   ??


IMG_2245 (2)


On a side note we actually had a few drops of rain earlier. I found that quite exciting! Though it has since moved on, just teasing us that yes, Autumn is in fact here, but not quite ready to commit.

IMG_2249 (2)


And I am now off to grab a quick lunch and sort out this knitting before the arvo driving-about-town-with-children shift begins.


IMG_2266 (2)


Have a happy afternoon won’t you?!


Catcha again soon….


Janelle xx 

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