22 May Mondays……

Hey you!!

Happy Monday etc etc… 😉 I hope this week is a good one for you and your’s. We are starting ours off with  GLOOOORRIOUS  autumn sunshine and blue skies here…so nice…it’s days like these that make me very grateful for the fact that when we built we put in heaps of windows in the kitchen and living areas, coz now we get to enjoy all of the morning and afternoon sun pouring through which pretty much keeps the rooms naturally heated for most of the day 🙂 (though a HUGE problem when it comes to searching for wall space to hang art and craft!!!)

So, speaking of our humble little abode, today I’m sharing just a few random pics from around the place. Cat included. OF COURSE.

I’m loving the whites and neutrals (well there’s a surprise!??!) and am slowly building up a stash of art and handmade crafty bits and pieces which I think bring a nice balance of warmth and texture to the place. Also adds a bit of interest too which I tend to prefer over just grabbing the generic store bought “stuff”.

One thing I am having a little issue with is my decluttering!! I find it both so SO fascinating, whilst at the same time extremely frustrating, how difficult this process is proving to be!!! Anyone else feel the same??? I mean I have NO qualms at all about tossing out our posessions, I don’t see myself as being all that sentimentally attached to much at all really (ok…kids and husband. Maybe. On a good day.) but after getting off and running with a superb start a few months ago and clearing out the bedroom, wardrobe and a few other areas of the house, I seem to have come to a complete stand still. Which I hate!!! And what I find most intriguing is I KNOW for a FACT that it is all psychologically related and that I’m behaving like my own worst enemy, standing between myself and inner peace. Deeeeep. But seriously though…I’m like my own little social (mental) experiment. What is holding me back? I wonder how I’ll turn out???!!

So my goal for this week is to get one more room finished. Decluttered. Minimised to the MAX!! Wanna join me? Well, perhaps not physically. That probably wouldn’t be too pleasant or enjoyable for you but how about virtually? Any hidden corners of your mind you feel the need to cleanse and refresh?? Or better still…a laundry or linen cupboard??? I’m tackling our laundry. It is not going to be pretty. I may even get lost. But I know it will all be worth it for that FABULOUS feeling it will bring once I have clean empty cupboards and 562 garbage bags full of junk to toss 🙂

Shall keep you posted coz, you know…thrilling!!!

Right…all this chat is making me extremely hungry…I’m off to snack…

Have a GREAT week please!!

Janelle xx




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