23 Jan Easy Quiche…and a slight ramble…



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Goodness it’s been a LONG while since I’ve popped in here!  Not exactly sure why…to be honest I think I may have just lost my bloggy mojo there for abit. Not exactly sure why that happened either. Maybe too much pressure on myself?!? I dunno. There’s alot of advice and info out there for bloggers, which is a FAB thing, and something I concentrated on devouring for quite awhile last year. Niches, numbers, lists, emails, apps, networking, etc etc etc…which, again, is great but for someone such as myself – probably read ‘neurotic ditzy creaty type with the attention span of a nit’ here – I found myself in a bit of a strange place. I don’t have a niche, unless rambling on about whatever is taking my fancy at the time is classified as an acceptable niche?..and the whole numbers/list/apps kinda thing just, well, pretty much bores me to tears. Wrong, I know, if one wants to grow and make some sort of income/business from their blog. Whoops. Sooooo…I’ve taken a little break, tried to clear my head (difficult in itself when there’s constant activity going on up there) and have come out the other side with the realisation that I really just need to be blogging for myself. Even if that means not-so-perfect pics, boring-as subject matter and giving up the opportunity to become a billionaire blogger. Well, for now anyway, coz you know…attention span of a nit blah blah blah…….

However!! Having said all that if you are still here and still want to hang around and play that will make me VERY happy…I really do love chatting and sharing ideas, recipes, diys etc and it makes it all so much more fun if I have you lovely lovely people to join along with me!!!

Speaking of which…



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Yep, the writing and segways here will still clearly remain as professional as ever.

So, I whipped this up the other night with just ingredients we had floating about in the fridge (coz..school holidays..nobody needs to go near a supermarket with three children unless absolutely necessary) and it turned out really tasty! I’m calling it a quiche but it doesn’t have any pastry so is that  still technically a quiche?? Ok, around these parts, yes, yes it is. I’m also calling this a ‘recipe’ however that’s probably a stretch too coz it really is just a list of ingredients I threw in a bowl. Unmeasured. But anyhoo…


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Bacon and Cottage Cheese Quiche


6 eggs

3-4 bacon rashers – chopped

1 zuchini – grated

couple of spoonfuls cottage cheese (I used low fat)

couple of spring onions – chopped

sprinkle of dried Italian herbs



Crack eggs in a bowl and whisk til nice and fluffy.

Throw in all the other ingredients and stir through.

Pour your eggy mixture into a greased quiche dish.

Bake in a 180 degree oven – approx 30-40 mins

Lovely served with a light salad.


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Also feel free to add any other veggie etc to this. I would’ve added some grated carrot too but we were out of it and again..supermarket..holidays..kids..yeah nup..wasn’t happening…

I LOVE the cottage cheese in this, it gives it a real creamy cheesey but in a really-nice-light-kind-of-a-way taste to it.


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Ok, time for me to shut up. I’m off to play with my new knitting needles and click up a storm.

Have a fabulous weekend please…catcha next week!!


Janelle xx


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