15 Feb Easy Chicken Sandwiches

Hey hey Monday!! So how was your weekend lovelies??

I hope it had some form of relaxation and fun involved in it!!


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I was lucky enough to enjoy a (LOOOOOONNNGG) girlie lunch on Saturday. We may not have got around to actually eating our  lunch until almost 6 in the evening but you know, that’s all kind of irrelevant I feel isn’t it??!?


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So, we were all asked to bring a plate of food (the food!! Oh. My. Insert HUGE lovehearts and drooly faces right about now please) so I took along a tray of sandwiches. And as I was mixing, making and prepping I thought of you guys and that I think YOU all deserve some Whitestyle sangas in your life too. Right?!! Definitely!

These are so simple. A basic chicken sandwich really. But I always love reading how other people whip up their food and what kinds of ingredients they may use that I’ve never thought of using before so figured what the heck…Ima gonna share my sangas…….


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                                                                              Easy Chicken Sandwiches


1 Chicken!!

(Ok, stating the obvious here I know but for this batch I just bought an already cooked chook as I was literally sprinting through the supermarket coz I just did not have the time to even contemplate baking up my own HOWEVER personally I do prefer the taste and texture of a chicken I have roasted myself but this was SO easy to buy one and it still all turned out deeeelicious.)

1 loaf of wholegrain seedy bread

2 spring onions – finely chopped

Bottle store bought Aoili

(think I ended up using a little over half of the bottle? But this obviously depends on the size of the bottle,the size of the chicken, how goopy you like the chicken mixture etc…)

Toasted pinenuts

(small life changing moment when I discovered – mid supermarket sprint – that you can buy packets of ALREADY TOASTED pinenuts. Yes!! Open and tip. )


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Pretty much make a sandwich 😉

Ok first I shredded up the chicken and threw in a bowl. Then added the spring onion, pinenuts and aioli plus a little  salt and pepper. Mix this all together. If you have the time try and make this at least a few hours before making up your sandwiches and just let it sit in the fridge. Really brings out more of the flavours.

Next trim off all the crusts from your slices of bread. Then spread a good amount of the chicken mixture onto one slice, slap another slice on top and chop in half so you now have a couple of cute little rectangular shaped chicken sangas.


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I decided to wrap some baking paper around mine before throwing onto the serving tray but feel free to play and plate as you wish!!


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Seriously these are so ridiculously simple to whip up. I’m planning on making more for the fam over the next week and probably serve for a quick and easy dinner. The mixture can be made in the morning then it’s just a matter of choosing a bread/bun/roll and slapping it all together at dinner time. EASY.

Love to hear if you try these. Or even if you have any other easy-as recipes. Share the food love I say…..


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Enjoy your week please folks…catcha soon……


Janelle xx


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