18 Jan Day 18

Good evening all!!

So the cleaning machine (moi) is still in full force around here 🙂 The blinds are almost (kinda) all done but in between I’m managing to dust scrub tidy and CHUCK!! That’s definitely my fave part…the chucking.


Today I found myself over here in this little corner, my “desk”. I use the “”” cos I never really perch myself up there and work. It’s more like grab a glass of wine, slouch on the sofa and bang away on my laptop talking random thoughts to you guys.


Anyway…I’ve tossed and sorted everything around here and am feeling rather satisfied and pleased with it all. I even managed to find a spot for my latest favourite thrifty finds. Have also decided I desperately need a large-ish hanging plant to pop in the timber box on the very top of the shelves. Am also planning on whipping up a weave for the blank white wall on the side there. I love how AAHHHMAZING  a declutter works pretty much more with the brain and psychy than the actual area itself!!


And on that note…it’s goodnight from me…the sloucher over here on the couch…;)


Janelle xx

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