17 Jan Day 17

So today being so hot and humid I decided it would be a great idea to continue with my manic scrubbing/cleaning of what is fast becoming the entire house. Yeah that didn’t end up being a really fun thing to do. So when I found myself in too far to stop with the window scrubbing I bribed myself to continue through to the bitter end (things were getting hot sweaty and rather dramatic by this stage…) with the promise of the rest of the afternoon on the sofa under the aircon with my neglected beloved knitting. And, as usual, it worked. I am easily bribed.


I’ve just started knitting this not that long ago, it’s going to be a jumper. For ME!! *insert a round of applause * I signed up to Ravelry recently and love it!! If you love knitting or crochet I highly recommend. I found the perfect jumper pattern, exactly what I was looking for, and after paying something like$6 (?) I could instantly download it and get clicking!! *probably more applause here *


Here’s hoping I get it finished by Winter…

See ya tomorrow folks…


Janelle xx

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