11 Nov Chocolate Slice…

Hello there!!

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Are we up for a little baking sesh in the Whitestyle kitchen today?? And by baking I mean no-bake baking…of the easiest ever you will NOT believe it kind…but tastes SOOOOO good why have we not done this before variety??…

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Up for it???

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Actually I will confess before we go any further with our crushing, measuring and mixing that this really is just a recipe for the good old humble chocolate balls…also known as rum balls…whisky balls…bliss balls…you get me…but just re-shaped you could say…

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I was enjoying a coffee with my lovely friend Kate the other week when she oh so casually mentioned how she sometimes can’t be bothered with rolling and would prefer tipping out and flattening on some occasions….

What what???

WHY had I not thought of this before?? So…as any self-respecting blogger does after speaking to friends and learning new tricks and tips I rushed home, whipped up a batch of chocolate goo and proceeded to dump and spread…for lack of a better phrase…into a slice tin. Which took me all of approx 5 minutes. Tops. It worked beautifully and so here I am taking all the glory for this fab slice…and of course sharing it with you guys…now….ready for the fun part??…..

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Chocolate Bliss Slice

(You like the name?!? I’ll take FULL credit for that one thanks ;)) )


1 tin condensed milk

2 level tablspns cocoa powder

1/2 cup coconut

1 teaspn vanilla extract

1 packet Marie Biscuits – crushed



In a bowl stir together the condensed milk, cocoa and vanilla until all are combined

Stir through the coconut

Throw in the crushed biscuits and stir through

Tip mixture into a slice tin (I never even grease or line it…find it doesn’t really need it…but feel free if that’s your thing) and press down flat and smooth.

Sprinkle coconut over the top

Pop in the fridge to set and slice when cold

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How simple??? Now I actually used Milk Arrowroot biscuits for this batch as the supermarket was all out of Marie ( I know!!??!) but it still worked perfectly fine…which of course has set me off wondering what other types of bikkies we could be using…hhmmmm…

This is also great to freeze and pull out when needed…especially pre-cut and wrapped and ready for school lunches etc…

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And there we have it…a little twist on an old fave…always gotta love that…

Let me know if you try…and I’ll let you know if I experiment with any other cookies…oh the possibilities!!!!!

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Catch ya soon…..


                                                          Janelle xx





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