25 Feb Book Club. Kind of……

Hey again!! Quick post this evening, just because I feel the need to share my new library books with you!!?! 🙂



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I had a slight ‘moment” last night when I realised that now I’d finally finished my book (Kate Morton – The Distant Hours – which I’ll give a 7-8 out of 10…defs worth a go) I was left with an empty (kind of) bedside table and nothing to read. GASP!!! So, I did what any rational desperate tired woman would do in this situation  and asked my Insta friends for some good book recommendations. And being the gorgeous helpful kind folks that they/you (!!) are they came through with the goods!! BIG hand claps here please!!


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So. Off I trotted this morning, phone clutched purposefully in hand, to scan the local library shelves. Aaaaannnd this is what I came strutting out with…


Palace of Tears – Julian Leatherdale  Just cos, well, the cover!!!


Lighthouse Bay – Kimberley Freeman  This author was recommended so I’ll give it a whirl


The Signature of All Things – Elizabeth Gilbert  I’ve read two of her other books so figure why stop there…..


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Honestly I have NO idea how long it will take me to get through these considering I don’t get the time during the day and usually fall asleep after three pages when I read in bed but it is one of my little goals this year to MAKE time for books so I will squeeze that time from somewhere!!!

Love to know what you may be reading at the mo?? Any good?? If so, PLEASE do share!!?!!



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In the meantime…


I’m off to read. Possibly in the kitchen. At the stove. Whilst cooking dinner. At least I’m squeezing though right?!!!


Love ya…


Janelle xx


  • Libby Boyle
    Posted at 11:10h, 29 February Reply

    I’m in need of something to read,so this is a timely post for me. I tried to read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Idea, but, sadly, gave up on it. A rarity for me; I usually stay with a book till the end. I’m off to find a Kate Morton at the library if I can.

    • Janelle
      Posted at 14:05h, 07 March Reply

      Oh happy reading Libby!!!

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