01 Jan Day 1

Hey there!!

Guess I start with a big fat Happy New Year to everyone?! Hope all is going well for you so far!? 😉

We’ve had a very slow and quiet start to 2017 which I’m quite enjoying. Pottering about the home, taking note of things I’d love to change, swap or chuck (and yep. it IS a loooooonng list. and growing. ;)) and getting organised for our beach holiday *insert wild clapping of hands*. This time of year is always a tad odd isn’t it?! Between not having a clue what day it is to the feeling of fresh starts to swinging wildly between loving having your children and husband home on hols to fleeting moments of daydreaming about smothering them in their sleep with a pillow 😐 it is all a little surreal. I do know I am looking forward to squishing my feet into the sand, reading 24/7 and, you know, doing NOTHING!!!!!




I’m also looking forward to getting back to blogging here more regularly. Kinda lost my mojo there for awhile and found it was starting to become more of a chore than a joy so really…what was the point? Which in turn is kind of funny because amongst all of this came the seed of an idea which is completely centered around that very thing…JOY. Basically the idea is that I show up here every day…give or take coz you know…life…and blab about what is making me happy. Yep. Pretty simple really. To be honest I’m pretty much doing this for extremely selfish reasons 🙂 but figure if I can inspire somebody else to maybe do something similar or just make someone smile with a pretty picture then I may as well do this here rather than in a private diary or something at home. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, listening, soaking-up-of the whole law of attraction/laws of the universe type things and the bottom line is always so SO ridiculously simple. Be happy. Feel happy. Do anything and everything that makes you happy!! And things will always work out for you. So my little experiment with myself this year is to go out of my way to do more of what makes me feel good…and trust me…it’s always the small simple things yes?…no matter how odd silly boring or whatever it may seem to somebody else. Wanna join me?? I’ll start…..




Tiptoeing out to the kitchen this morning before anyone else was awake, making myself a coffee and tiptoeing back to bed to read my book -The Silk Merchant’s Daughter…about 1/2 way through and enjoying it. I remember LOVING morning reading in bed as a kid. I have no idea why but there’s just such a delicious cosy, almost secretive feeling I get when doing this, different to night time reading. None of that nodding off halfway through a sentence business happening either…just a snoring husband and hungry rumbling tummy type thing instead…but I can live with that.

Ok…gotta run. SO pleased to be back here! I probably won’t get to post here whilst on holiday but will be hanging out on Instagram as usual. Look forward to playing together this year…


Janelle xx



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