10 May Easy Healthy Carrot Cake…..

Hey guys! Back again and I come baring food!! Always a good thing right?!

I’m trying to mix things up a bit around here with our meals and snacks etc…SO easy to just fall right into that food rut isn’t it? Same same eeevvvvery day and night….BORING!! So anyway…for the kids’ lunchboxes and after school snacks I try to keep things relatively healthy but in a realistic lazy way…meaning I guess that it has to be tasty to them, easy for me to make (coz TIME!) and have ingredients that I know are always in my pantry/fridge.

So…onto the whole point of this post…I give you my latest Carrot Cake recipe…which I think ticks all of the above boxes quite nicely.

I half googled/half made up this recipe, hoped for the best and baked. IT WORKED!!! Wanna have a go??? 😉






1 1/2 cups wholemeal SR flour

1/4 raw sugar

1 teasp bicarb soda

1/2 teasp cinnamon

3/4 cup olive oil (or the marg/spread type variety…just melt)

2 tablsp golden syrup

1 tspn vanilla extract

3 eggs

2 carrots


Preheat oven to 170 degrees (150 fan forced)

Grease and line cake tin

Tip your flour, sugar, bicarb and cinnamon into a large-ish bowl

In a seperate bowl put your oil, eggs, vanilla and golden syrup – lightly whisk

Now tip your liquids into your dry ingredients and give a stir

Grate your carrots and throw them into the mix too, stir til all combined

Tip mixture into your cake tin and bake for approx 1 hour

Once cooked and out of the oven let the cake sit in it’s tin for another 5 or so minutes then tip out onto a cake tray



Now I just made up a basic vanilla icing (using icing sugar, butter and vanilla) but a cream cheese icing would be DELICIOUS!!! Oh and sprinkled walnuts would make it PERFECT!!!!!!! However…I didn’t have any cream cheese about the place and quite frankly am glad for that. If I did use it I just would’ve demolished the entire cake (yep) last night meaning no lunchbox treats for the kids and an extra few kilos for me 🙂 I also chose not to sprinkle chopped nuts on top or put them in the cake (which FYI would be YUM) just coz I feel a bit paranoid about sending nuts to school with my primary school kids….nobody wants to be that baking mum who accidently sends some poor unsuspecting child, who innocently licks a cake crumb off of my kids’ table, to hospital with choking issues, so unless we’re just scoffing cake at home I try to steer clear of nuts.

Ok…recipe completed and delivered, the rest is up to you!! As usual please let me know if you try and like… 🙂


Have a great week please…and hope to see you back here sooner rather than later!!


Janelle xx


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