10 Jul Chocolate Zuchini Cake….

Hey there guys! It’s a wet, cold, and therefore lazy, Sunday around these parts making it the perfect excuse to bake, and eat, cake…right?!! Chocolate cake to be precise. With zuchini, making this virtually a health food must in my book 😉




I’ve been on a mission lately to try and blur the lines a little more between scrummy tasty and healthy treats and I think this cake fits into this category perfectly…a little chocolate (pure)…not much sugar…and a vegie thrown in amongst it all. Winning.

If you’re after the usual SWEET-AS choc cake then this baby may not be for you but if you like to still enjoy a treat with your cuppa that’s tasty and good for you – therefore making that extra slice or three perfectly acceptable – then I definitely suggest you give this a go!!





Chocolate Zuchini Cake



1/4 cup raw sugar

2 tblspn rice bran oil (or olive)

2 eggs

1 small container apple puree

splash vanilla extract

2 cups SR wholemeal flour

2 tblspn pure cocoa powder

1 zuchini – grated finely

as many choc-chips as you like (1/2 cup? ish?)




In a large bowl throw in the sugar, oil, eggs, vanilla and apple puree. Whisk until all are well combined.


Now add in the flour and cocoa and stir through. I use a spatula for this.


Lastly toss in your grated zuchini and choc chips and stir through.


Pour the mix into a greased and lined round OR loaf tin


Bake at 170 degrees for about 45 minutes


Leave to cool in tin for 5 or so minutes then tip out onto cooling tray.


Eat whilst still warm and I promise you will not be physically able to stop at just one (giant) slice!!!




Happy baking folks!!




Janelle xx

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