29 Feb BBQ Flavoured Marinade……

Hey guys!! Happy Monday! Hope it’s all going your way so far!!


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I wanted to pop in here quickly this morning to pretty much share what we ate over the weekend!?! Well…kinda sorta… So I had some chicken drumsticks to throw in the oven for an easy dinner Saturday night and decided at the last minute to add this sauce to them. Then decided it being SO quick easy and tasty, not to mention uses only about three ingredients which everyone always has laying about in their fridge, that I needed to pass it onto you lovely people in case you ever find yourself staring into a tray of chicken and wondering what to smear it with.


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I’ve used this recipe for years, usually with chicken wings, drumsticks, any bits and pieces really and it’s always a winner with the kids. Plus I know exactly what is in it ie lack of scary numbers etc.




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Ok…hold onto your pants, for what is probably the most basic recipe I’ve shared….


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BBQ Flavoured Marinade Sauce


4 tablespoons bbq sauce

2 tablspns tomatoe paste

20g butter – melted

2 cloves garlic OR 2 teaspns minced garlic


Combine all ingredients in a jug or bowl. Stir together. Done and ready to go……


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It’s ridiculously simple but does pack a lot of flavour into whatever you may be marinating it with.


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OK. Must dash. Have a pair of legs that need pounding…with lunges squats and other unimaginable cruel forms of torture.

Probably followed with coffee and cake 😉

Have a wonderful week please!! Catcha back here soon I hope!!


Janelle xx

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