10 Feb Wednesday Show and Tell

So hey there!! I was all set to pop another recipe on here today (yoyos…reallly reallly good yoyos if I may say so 😉 will still be sharing soon though!!) but am feeling a little more like some show and tell I think. I love watching other people’s show and tell so figured someone…somewhere…MAY be slightly interested in mine…at some stage…or I’ll just share with my cats…either/or…


IMG_2024 (2)


Now I’ve been popping into Kmart recently, it just so happens to be kind of near the beach the fam just happens to love to go to at any given opportunity sooooo you know…two birds…one stone and all that. I’ve found it really handy to follow a few people on instagram who are Kmart freaks (freaks as in lovely people who love to shop at Kmart ALOT ) coz they constantly put up pics of what is available and new on the shelves there so when I do happen to be in the vicinity of the big K I can just sprint through, checkout if they have what I’m looking for, grab and then get the heck out of there without being swallowed up by the whole flourescent lit 500 or so other aisles…know what I mean??! Aaaaaannyway…long rambling story short…I picked up this very cool lamp for Mr WS to read by and I have to say I love it! I will eventually pop in a bigger globe but this one is doing fine for now I think. The pink square of fur is also a Kmart find which was bought for the cat (yep…) but I’ve stolen back off of her. Don’t think she’s noticed. Yet.


IMG_2037 (2)


My other new found loves are these BEAUTIFUL scented melts. LOVE!!! Like really love. Love love love.


IMG_2027 (2)


I really love.

Speaking of love…hello gorgeous painted-by-a-very-clever-local-artist feather painting!! Not alot of artwork really grabs me and begs me to take it home but this one really did the very moment I laid eyes on it. Absolutely perfect for our home I think.


IMG_2023 (2)


Oh! And this little beauty was also begging to come home with me…as was Mr WS’s voice in my head begging me not to drag anymore old and flagging stools/chairs/benches home…but you know, pretty clear to see which voice won out this time. I can’t wait to scrub and sand it back, it’s a lovely timber, and possibly pop a plant or something on top.  Seriously, HOW could I have left it there???!


IMG_2034 (2)


Lastly, and quite ironically really considering my last pic of thrift shop hauls which involves dragging yet MORE stuff into the house, is this book, which has promised to completely change my life and to which I am holding it firmly to!! Have you read it? I actually really love the whole principal of it all, basically just figure out what you really love and ditch everything else (goodness, hope the kids and husb behave or there could be problems…) I am SO ready to do this and will try to blog my progress etc along the way.


IMG_2039 (2)


Ok, it’s feeling alot like lunchtime now so I will leave it there.

Thanks so much for dropping by again  and YAY for you if you got to the end of this post…kinda a long one wasn’t it?!!


IMG_2026 (2)


Stay happy please and see you soon…


Janelle xx


  • Libby Boyle
    Posted at 16:55h, 24 February Reply

    My visits to K Mart sound very like yours. Mad search for the beauty I’ve seen on IG. Grab it if I’m lucky enough to find it. Then out. Loving K Mart. I’ve also done the Kon Mari thing. Blogged about it late last year. My drawers are still perfect. I haven’t done the entire house, but just love her ‘spark joy?’ philosophy. Love to see how you go.

    • Janelle
      Posted at 18:00h, 24 February Reply

      Oh that’s encouraging!! I’ll have to pop over for a look at your Kon Mari-ing!! Thanks Libby x

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