11 Mar DIY Stool Makeover

Hiiiiiiii!!!! Well we’ve managed to make it through to Friday, always a very good thing. What’s planned for the weekend?? I’ve got gardening, painting and knitting on the wishlist…we’ll see how that goes…


IMG_2293 (2)


Now speaking of painting…I thought I’d do a little show and tell with you of this stool I’ve recently made over. And by made over I basically mean slap a few coats of paint on, plonk a plant on top and shove it in a corner of the living room. As you do…


IMG_2285 (2)


I spotted this beauty a few months ago, she was propped up in the window of a thrift shop looking all lonely, bare and rather timber-ish…as in varnished (orangey) up to the hilt type timber-ish. After passing by her for a few days I finally decided to go in and check her out in detail. She was lovely, reasonably sturdy and 8 dollars. Needless to say she came home with me that very morning.


IMG_2280 (2)


I had grand plans of sanding her back to her original timber which would have looked gorgeous! Except that after about 30 minutes of furious sanding (Yep. There is such a thing. 😉  ) on the same spot and still not seeing any progress I made the tough but lazy sensible decision to paint that sucker.


IMG_2291 (2)


I often get asked on Instagram etc how I go about paintings things. I pretty much just wing it and try to use whatever paint I have laying about the house. But one step I always do is sand, wash/wipe down and undercoat before even getting the paint colour out of the cupboard. This is especially important when painting over pre-varnished furniture as the varnish will just bleed through your lovely paintwork and that will not be pretty. I also try to use acrylic paint whenever I can purely for lazy reasons…I find it easier to work with and so much easier to wash up.


IMG_2288 (2)


So, I chose black paint here (which was conveniently sitting in the cupboard from a past project)  with the intention of eventually sitting her in a corner  of our bedroom, probably with a plant on top, but as I’ve been banging on about for what seems like yeeeaaarrs now I am wanting to paint our bedroom walls white (Shocked? I know. ) and I think the black against the white wall will look great, I just cannot seem to get around to actually getting that job done!!

Now could somebody please just come and paint those damn walls for me???!!!


IMG_2290 (2)


Right…I’m off now. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. And you know…if you’re feeling bored at all I’ll be here waiting with a spare paint brush in hand…just sayin’ 😉 ……


See you next week lovelies!!!


Janelle xx


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