19 Oct Crochet Shopping Bag

Hey there!!


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So today I want to share with you guys a little crochet project I kind of accidently stumbled upon…as you do…well..as I do…embarrassingly quite often really…but aaannyhoo…..there I was crocheting away the other week…I’d just finished a scarf in this khaki wool and because this particular yarn comes in such a large skein…200gms…that even by the time I’d finished up the scarf I still had quite a decent amount of the ball left…


Being in a crochet-anthing-in-sight kind of mood…and seeing this cute bag in a pattern book I had laying about…again…as you do…I figured I’d give this a go…

IMG_1254 (2)


So full of romantic images of myself sauntering ever so stylishly in a boho chic kind of way to town to casually pick up a few necessary obviously organic produce from the packed-to-the-hilt-with-other-stylish-uber-cool-type-peeps-probs-wearing-funky-glasses-birks-and-maybe-a-few-well-chosen-styled-up-tatts open aired market…or Coles…either/or…with my khaki (THE colour of the moment if. you. don’t.mind…) crochet shopping bag swung casually over my arm I embarked on this new pattern…

IMG_1261 (2)


And I really liked!!

It was easy enough to enjoy without being too tricky that it was in danger of being tossed across the room…yet interesting enough to keep me engaged and wanting to keep doing it so I could see the end result…

IMG_1255 (2)

Which again…

I  liked!!!

IMG_1263 (2)

The pattern I used is from this Patons Crafternoon (love LOVE that word) book which does have a few other fab patterns in it too…some which I’ve already tried…others which I’m itching too…I used a 12 ply wool but it’s kind of weird and feels/looks more like an 8 ply…and a number 5 crochet hook…

If you have any other qstns just give me a shout…or just feel free to share some of your own crafty creations…I love hearing/seeing what other crazy crafters are up to!!

IMG_1237 (2)

As usual…stay happy…

And Happy Crafting stylers…..

                                                                                              Janelle xx


  • Carolyn Jarvis
    Posted at 11:30h, 19 March Reply

    I found your blog – yes I am stalking you! I’ve been wanting to learn how to crochet for a long time (I know, Mum didn’t teach me!) so that I can make some gorgeous chunky things like this. You have inspired me – I’m off to the shops to buy a crochet hook…

    • Janelle
      Posted at 16:46h, 19 March Reply

      Oh yay!! And so funny coz mum didn’t teach me either! But I will warn you…it is totally addictive!!! xx

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